Neil Young

»The same things that make you live will kill you.«
Neil Young

»In the past I was convinced that you cannot possibly do without Neil Young, but in the meantime I have come to think that the first few days you could probably make it without him.«
Navid Kermani

»Of all the books on the passion for rock music that I have read (and there were loads) this one is the most brilliant.«
Salzburger Nachrichten

»You read this book and think, probably for the first time in all your years of Neil Young appreciation: that’s how you do it!«
Edo Reents, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

»The most engaging, funny, honest meditation on the intersection of music and life I’ve read in a long time.«
Süddeutsche Zeitung

»It makes you want to go down to the nearest record store in your pyjamas and buy everything Neil Young ever recorded.«
Frankfurter Rundschau

»A 140-page declaration of love.«
Goslarsche Zeitung

Navid Kermani. Das Buch der von Neil Young Getöteten. (The Book of Those Killed by Neil Young), Zurich 2002 (Ammann), Cologne 2004 (KiWi-Paperback), Berlin 2013 (Suhrkamp).

How on earth can you comfort a baby girl who keeps suffering from heavy tummy aches and cries and cries?

By chance, a young and rather distressed father discovers the one and only remedy: It is, quite astonishingly, the music of Neil Young.

Father and daughter embark on a journey through the musical universe of their Canadian hero and on the way they find lost paradises and a method to ecstatically enjoy life together.

This is the literary account of an Islam expert’s love for the music and lyrics of Neil Young. It pays tribute to those who are spellbound by the talent and output of the legendary poet and rock star.

It is a book not only for »those killed by Neil Young« (the title is an allusion to a long-vanished book called the Book of Those Killed by the Koran and refers to the potentially lethal aesthetic qualities of the Koran), indeed it is a book for everyone interested in music and philosophy, in good literary writing, in Islamic mysticism, and in being a parent of a new-born baby and lost and (re-)found paradises.

Excerpt, translated by Jeremy Gaines